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Amalfi Fishing
This is an intense day tour spent admiring the colors of the spectacular Amalfi Coast from the sea, with its small villages mounted like gems where the narrow inlets prevent the Mount Lattari from coming forward. From the bottom, participants will admire the Saracen towers, which once were able to rapidly connect the entire coastal defensive system. The experience will be aboard of a traditional fishing-boat, discovering the sea and its traditions, practicing the traditional fishing activity: dropping and pulling the nets, fishing "a bolentino", or with rods over the sand-banks….then, it will be possible to taste aboard the catch, cooked according to the ancient traditional recipes. When tired, participants will take a break in the magnificent inlets and swim in the clear waters.
The adventure will starts from the Amalfi harbor, and will proceed along the entire Amalfi Bay up to Positano, De Li Galli Island. Participants will watch fishermen at work, will learn the different fishing techniques (dropping and pulling the nets, fishing "a bolentino" and with the rods over the sand-banks). They experiment this activity with their hands.

Activity materials
· sport clothing
· raincoat
· rubber sole shoes
· hat
· sun screen protection
· bathing suit
· sun glasses
· towel
· camera

Schedule and partecipation

Time period the activity is operational from May 15, 2002 to September, 15 2002, but to participate in the tour is necessary a minimum of 5 participants and is not possible to have more than 12 participants (maximum).

Day of the week:

Tour's Itinerary

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