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Wine Tasting

At Tramonti, in the greenery of the Amalfitan Coast, “Tenuta San Francesco farm” makes appellation controlled wine.
In 2004, in order to revive an ancient viticulture tradition, was born the farm in Tramonti, the green heart of the Amalfi Coast. The farm extends over about seven hectares and produces wines from the grapes of three local historical families. The modern highly technological equipment of the cellar was completed by the beginning of 2005. It is set in the ancient estate belonging to the Family, the actual producers, who avail of the expert professional advice of dr. Carmine Valentino from Avellino.
Four hectares are covered with centennial vineyards made up of tintore e piedirosso for the production of the Red Tramonti Wine. Two hectares and half are cultivated with falanghina, biancolella and pepella for the production of the White Tramonti Wine. The half hectare left is actually utilized for a genetic selection of aglianico and piedirosso.
All the vineyards are characterized by high density plant and situated on steep -sloped terraced lands between 300 and 500 metres above sea -level.
The output is calculated around 70 / 90 quintals for hectare. One of the symbols of the farm is a butterfly, which underlines the great attention paid to the preservation and the protection of the environment, in accordance with the Regional
Plans for the reduction of the use of phytochemistry.
We make good and real "emotion" with great passion. At Tramonti, you will discover an unexpected Amalfitan coast: unpolluted nature, centuries old vineyards, churches and lovely villages where time has stopped.
In an 18th century farm, located in the regional park of the "Monti Lattari", you will taste our own cheese and salami together with our appellation controlled wines. You will enjoy an unforgettable day in rediscovering the tastes and flavours of a rural world.
A Wine tasting?
A journey into the taste and traditions of our region!
Book a visit of the vineyard and cellars of “Tenuta San Francesco farm”.


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