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Sunset Cruises


We offers private sunset cruises leaving from any town along the Amalfi Coast and cruising leisurely along the Mediterranean Sea. Sip Italian sparkling wine and view the coastline in a different light, full of bright oranges and deep blues, while we cruise past:

The famous medieval town of Amalfi, in which the coast bears it’s name

Conca dei Marini where we will see the Lover’s Natural Arc (true to the Italian lifestyle, it holds a legend of deep romance) and Sophia Loren’s villa hanging over a cliff high above

Fjord of Furore, a turquoise lagoon tucked away in an inlet between cliffs and the sea

The fishing village of Praiano, still virtually untouched throughout the centuries

Positano, where the colourful villas and vegetation climb up the rocks…the view of Positano from the Sea is truly magnificent

The private archipelago islands of Li Galli, sitting off the coast of Positano (It was through these islands that the myth of Ulysses and the song of the Sirens was born)

Upon arrival at Li Galli Islands, you will see the red Italian sun setting behind the Island of Capri. From there we will leisurely head back along the coast, always with the option to stop and swim.

Whatever you decide, Amalfi Sunset Cruises are a great way to maximize enjoyment and experience on  Amalfi Coast.