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Lemon Tour


Lemon Tour is a fascinating experience able to join Rural Culture to both the oldest production methods of lemon, and the traditional Amalfi Coast flavors.
The tour consists in a magnificent walking venturing off the beaten paths into the lemon groves.
The ancient costa d'amalfi lemon process of cultivation will be shown by local farmers, and it will be possible to harvest lemon with them in the terraced lemon groves.
Lemon Tour is also a significative local food tastings itinerary, where tourists will discover the hidden flavors of Amalfi Coast.
The typical native Lemon "Sfusato Amalfitano" will be unveiled on its many uses, from the gastronomic and culinary properties, to the therapeutic and skin benefits, In the stunning scenary of Amalfi coast.
Jump at the opportunity to plunge in a world of knowledge handed down from generations.

Half Day Program

  • At 9:00am departure from Amalfi to Scala by shuttle service
  • At 9:30am guided tour to the lemon garden with explanation of how to cultivate the “Amalfi Coast Lemon” I.G.P. The walk last about 1 hour and ends in the small and quite village of Pontone where there will be a rest and a taste of lemon dessert by Sal De Riso, lemon juice, lemon slices with balsamic vinegar and baba with limoncello.
  • At about 11:00am Visit of the small craft distillery "Terra di Limoni" with presentation of the” Limoncello “and his production process. Traditional liquors tasting will be offered
  • The return to Amalfi will be at about 2.30PM

Every participant will be honoured with a typical “Amalfi Coast Lemon” I.G.P.
Cost: 55,00 euro (per person)

Full-day Program

  • In additional to the HALF DAY PROGRAM at about 01.00pm we will reach a sea sight terrace where a typical lemon flavoured lunch will be served and some little secrets about the multiple uses of this fruit unique in the world will be revealed, either in the culinary and therapeutic fields.
    The menu consists of a starter with gratin mussels and scamorza in lemon leaf, first course (spaghetti with lemon, or ravioli with lemon); salad and dessert.

Each participant will be honoured with a small container with typical  “Amalfi Coast Lemon” I.G.P.
Cost: 95,00 euro (per person); drinks not included, water included

*Shuttle service included