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Walking tour Ravello



Among the most famous vacation spots on the Amalfi Coast, Ravello is surely worthy of a particular guided visit for its fascinating villas and historic center, which are situated at 365 meters above the sea level, on a natural “limestone balcony” overlooking the sea.

The first historically documented evidence of the town dates back to the 9th century, when it was recorded as part of the Sea Republic of Amalfi. In the 13th century, which was the period of greatest affluence, thanks to a lot of rich families, Ravello was embellished with sumptuous palaces and villas, such as the Villa Rufolo, the Palazzo Confalone and the Palazzo d’Afflitto.

“Gore Vidal arrived here in 1948 in a jeep driven by Tennessee Williams who drove ‘like a dog’. It was love at first sight, he never went far from Ravello anymore. He used to live here six months a year, in the refuge of the Rondinaia, the golden prison of the unhappy Virginia Grimthorpe. The American writer is the last one of a long series of travellers ‘in love with beauty’ and subjugated by the atmosphere of a village where the Mediterranean architectures match with the northern mists of an alpine landscape, sweetened by the perfumes and the colours of enchanted gardens”.

Departing from the bus stop next to the Church of Santa Maria a Gradillo (XIII-XIV c.), you’ll reach the Piazza Vescovado walking through a narrow street full of shops.

On the main square are facing the Villa Rufolo (XIII-XIV c.) and the Duomo of Saint Pantaleone, founded by the first bishop of Ravello in the year 1086, where the precious bronze door (1179), a 12thcentury ambo and an impressive pulpit (1272) with refined mosaics, are well preserved.

A charming path weaving among gardens, residences and hotels, will take you to the Villa Cimbrone (19th c.) with its famous “infinity terrace“ whose breathtaking view on the sea is widely considered the best in the world.
Back to the main square, our tour will continue across the “promenade des hotels”, a charming area where luxurious hotels, the Garden of Principessa di Piemonte and the Church of San Giovanni del Toro (XII c.) are situated, as far as the piazza Fontana Moresca. A paved road overlooking the valley and the village of Scala will take you to the starting point of our tour.

TOUR starts at 9.30 and lasts approx.3 hours.
Number of people Cost
2/3 pax € 100,00 fixed price
4/6 pax € 25,00 p.p.
7/10 pax € 20,00 p.p.
10/16 pax € 200,00 fixed price

Approximate duration: 3 hours
Type: walking tour – Guests are advised to wear comfortable shoes.
Available: Thursday 9.30am (possibility of other days on request).
MEETING POINT bus stop Ravello (Gradillo)
Entrance tickets: not included