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Visita di Amalfi & Atrani


You can't say you have been to Amalfi without enjoying our guided Walking Tour!
Even at the beginning of the 21st century the landscape of Amalfi can still surprise us.
Just a short distance from the bustling famous Piazza Duomo, are narrow alleyways leading to a network of steps that take you to tranquil places where culture and nature express the spirit and the history of southern Italy. The ‘unknown Amalfi’ is just a stone’s throw from the renowned one!

While the Coast’s landscape explains its appeal today, it brought Amalfi prosperity and cultural prominence long ago. Dense inland woods and mountain streams leading from forest to sea enabled the Amalfitans to harvest wood, build ships, and reach distant shores of the Mediterranean as early as the 10th century.

They quickly established a profitable circuit, trading lumber for gold in Sicily, Cairo, Alexandria of Egypt, and gold for the sumptuous textiles of the Eastern Mediterranean that fetched a high price back home. Profits from trade went toward the construction and decoration of impressive palaces, churches and cathedrals. Throughout Amalfi’s history, then, its culture, art, and dramatic natural setting have been interdependent.

Departing from the historic centre of the town, you’ll visit the Cathedral of Saint Andrew, the nearby Museum of Sacred Art, its Cloister of Paradise and the Crypt. You’ll continue through a network of small streets and alleys, exploring hidden squares, small churches, porticoes and fountains, that defines the town’s character and vitality.

Some steep flight of steps and a singular path with breathtaking views, weaving through the eastern-most quarters of Amalfi, will take you to the small town of Atrani: according to the legend Amalfia and Atranum had been the praedia chosen by the Roman gentes to found their new town around the 5th century A.D..

The Collegiate of the Magdalene is the main church of Atrani, but you can’t miss the visit to the Church of Saint Salvatore de Birecto facing onto the Piazza Umberto I, since the Dukes of the ancient Sea Republic (839-1137) were crowned within its walls.

Our tour returns to Amalfi walking along the main drive overlooking the sea, as far as the Piazza Flavio Gioia.
Number of people Cost
2/3 pax € 100,00 fixed price
4/6 pax € 25,00 p.p.
7/10 pax € 20,00 p.p.
10/16 pax € 200,00 fixed price

Approximate duration: 3 hours
Type: walking tour – Guests are advised to wear comfortable shoes.
Available: Saturday at 9.30am and Monday at 4.30pm (possibility of other days on request).
MEETING POINT Piazza Flavio Gioia next to the fountain
Entrance tickets: not included