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Founded in the 6th century, its story is strictly linked to that of the Sea Republic of Amalfi. It is the birthplace of the blessed Gerardo Sasso, who founded the order of the Knights Hospitalise, the present Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta. Scala once a populous, flourishing town, but ruined by pestilence and the rivalry of Ravello. The cathedral as a handsome Romanesque portal and contains a mosaic ambo, a mitre with enamels of the 13th century, and a specious crypt. The nearby villages of S. Caterina, Campidoglio and Minuta all have interesting mediaeval churches, though that Campidiglio has been extensively altered by baroque additions. From Minuta walkers may cross Via Pontone into the Valle dei Mulini to reach Amalfi

Apartments in Scala

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