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Conca dei Marini

Along the road climbing up the month Agerola, at the very back of Amalfi, we encounter another coast, outlined by the earth and not by the sea, made of terraced and fenced gardens but not of beaches. It is the village Conca dei marini, a village scattered among the sky, the sea and the earth. Here the dominant colours is not the deep blue of the sea of Praiano or Positano, but rather the dark green of a prosperous and thick vegetation, here and the spotted by the yellow of the splendid lemons of the coast. A modest charm, less loud but rich of wonderful corns: little churches , little terraces and hillocks with fine views linked to each other by flights of small and narrow steps running around the houses.
Conca dei Marini is a village of little white houses, each of them having its own garden: isolated, little houses, far from each other, scattered between the coast and the mountain, from the slopes of the mountain down-wards to a promontory (Conca Cape) so called because of the remains of a sight tower.
Not far below, there is the seashore. A few delightful houses clinging to a steep to the sweetness of a splendid natural inlet. Here the sea overbearingly takes up the whole scene again: it claims its rights, even in the most rural village of the Coast.
However, as a homage to the surrounding vegetation, it gathers in its blue a bit of green, the brilliant and ultra mundane green of the water of the Emerald Cave. It is to the west of the Cape Conca bay, and it can be also reached from the state road, either by a lift or by a long flight of little steps. It is a large Karst cavity with a dome vault 24mt high, 30mt wide and 60mt long. Even though it is partly invaded by sea, in it there are a lot of calcareous formations, stalactites and stalagmites. This shows that the cave underwent a bradyseism phenomenon: because it is impossible that such concretions emerged in the water, it is clear that the Cave was once much higher than the sea level. The particular colour of its waters in due to the light which penetrates from below, though a kind of underwater, some years ago a ceramic crib was set. Tradition dates the discovery of the cave in the first decades of the 20th century, but the book of the guests of the hotel Luna tells that:
“ for the sake of foreign travellers loving beautiful things………. Would like people to know about the discovery made about a mouth ago in the neighbourhood of Amalfi, in the village of Conca, of a kind of “Monstruum” cave which, because of its rare beauty represents a real phenomenon capable of enrapturing those who are used to travelling all around the world in the search of wonders. Therefore, not paradoxically, we dare to say, that this beautiful phenomenon, produced only by nature, can compete with Vesuvius, because it is really capable of fully satisfying the curiosity of the harshest and most intelligent critics of beautiful rarities.” February 12th 1858.

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