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Praiano does not lie directly on the coast, but parallel to the sea, and for a long stretch, upwards and downwards of the state road. Scattered houses which at intervals gather and spread over the countryside. Now and then a “scalinatella” (a flight of little steps) winds up among the houses and then goes downwards to the high and impassable coast, among the lemon terrace and through the Mediterranean blooming bush. Here and there, a little creek, a little beach, a Paradise corner, as for example the seashore of Praia, the only real lading-place of this steep coastal stretch. Praiano is a farmers’ village with a great past: it was the seat of an Angioin University, the summer residence of the Amalfi doges and even the production place of precious cloths. That is why it economically prospered and developed even though not completely, because of the prevalence of Amalfi in its neighbourhood. Not unlike the other coastal villages, then, Praiano shared the decline of the powerful Sea Republic till it knew the bitter poverty at the beginning of the 20th century. Then the tourism, at first the tourism of great travellers, then the tourism of common Italian travellers and foreign travellers, developed. The night Club “L’Africana”, with can be approached by a path excavated in the rock dropping to the sea , was the seat of a cultural meeting place in the Fifties and in the Sixties. The memory of the merry nights of dancers and singers, of the short-lived and appassionato loves of actresses and Latin lovers is still alive…
On the contrary, from the past riches only some majolica domes of little churches survive. Here they are more interesting and better decorated than those existing in other villages of the coast(of course the monumental Cathedral of Amalfi is an exception).
We remember the Church of St. Luca Evangelista, which, according to tradition, preserves the mortal remains of the Saint and many paintings by the sixteenth-century artist Giovanni Bernardo Lama, and the church of St. Gennaro.

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