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Minori derives its name the torrent Reginna Minor(or Riginuolo) that crosses it. It has been inhabited since Roman times, as some remains of the splendid Villa Romana Testify.
In the Middle Age it had more than adequate economic development, in fact, Minori had been a Diocese since 987, due to Papa Giovanni XVís will and shared the history and fate of the near Amalfi, with which it was often in competition. It is a small but very nice town with beautiful promenade, enriched by a splendid 11th century fountain (Lionsí Fountain) and a net of picturesque and lively lanes.
Minori has often been devastated by natural catastrophes and plagues: a tempest 1597 was particularly terrible, it destroyed the walls and the main square. The Cathedral deserves a visit: it preserves S. Trofimanasí relics, a saint venerated all along the Coast.
A 17th century marble pulpit is very remarkable. A wooden Baroque altar is interesting too, it is in the church of S. Lucia at Benedictine Convent. However, above all, Minori offers the possibility of visiting the remains of a Roman Villa of the Augustean Age(1st century), built on a 2500-square-metre area. Excavations began in 1932 and were continued after the flood of 1954 buried in under a blanket of mud. The building had two stories originally, but the top floor has been lost. The ground floor is still intact and is surrounded by three archways and a nymphaeum and is decorated by frescoes and mosaics. The inside a swimming pool of Roman times was discovered. The Roman Villas is of a great archaeological interest: it is only evidence of this type on the Coast.

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