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A corner of Norway, cut in the Mediterranean rock, that is Furore valley, a fiord, a deep wound in the territory of the Coast, along which the stream roaming downwards from the Agerola mountain flows, calm in summer, but rumbling and terrible in winter. All around, clinging to the fiord precipices, the houses and the small terraces garden which make up the village. Below, where the fiord encounters the sea , a small sandy beach, framed by the steep valley walls and high, up there, the bridge of the state road which crosses the narrow gorge. Here it is possible to leave the asphalt strip and, from step to step, from garden to terrace, you can go up to the woods of Agerola, walking between the sea and the sky, the heart and perhaps Paradise. At Furore Greta Garbo stayed during her romantic elopement towards Ravello. On Ravello, undoubtedly one of the most suggestive places of the whole Coast, Alfonso Gatto wrote a splendid rhymed card the meaning of which is as follows:”the calm houses dreaming of the rosy charm of the hillocks, go down towards the sea, as isles, as a villas, near the churches”.
In Furore where the cultivation is more difficult, the best grapes on the coast ripen. The vines of Furore produce a delicate, undiluted wine, lightly pastel coloured, must a appreciated by the connoisseurs. Unfortunately, its lightness, also its low alcoholic degree, do not allow its transportation and preservation. Therefore it is a wine to be drunk not aged but new and as near as possible to the production place.
Places to visit in Furore are the Church of St Michael the Archangel, with four chapels and the typical local three naves, and the Church of St Giacomo, with beautiful columns lining its central nave. Possibly the most interesting of the churches in Furore, however, is the Church of St Elia which holds a superb triptych of the Madonna with St Elia and St Bartholomew, painted by Angelo Antonelli in 1479.

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