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Perched an a 350 ft high cliff overlooking the blue sea of the Amalfi Coast, it has conserved its historical monuments through the ages in a natural setting which has few equals in the world.
One of the most enchanting spot of the Amalfi Coast is Ravello, where many rich men live; one of these was extremely rich and his name was Landolfo Rufolo... " (G. Boccaccio). As we see in the 4th novella in the 2nd day of the Decameron, the scenery and the monuments of Ravello, which was founded by a roman colony in the 6th century A.D., were already famous centuries ago.
The reach beauty of this village that captured the hearts of Wagner, Virginia Woolf, D.H. Lawrence, Graham Green and Gore Vidal and others lies partly in its inaccessibility.
Founded probability in the 4th century a.C. by Roman populations escaping from barbarians. In already enjoyed a good economic development when it was part of the Amalfi Republic, but Ravello rebelled against the Republic when the Amalfi people betrayed the Norman King Roberto il Guiscardo in 1081, electing their own Doge. Ravello refused to follow the Amalfi people towards betrayal and deserved the appellation of Rebello, from the which today its name still derives, by the amalfi population. It then became an econimic power, seat of flourishing textile industries.
There are a series of lovely walks in the hillsides and amongst the lemon groves.A good bus services runs frequently down to the coast and to Amalfi, 6 Km far away.
Every year, an open-air music festival is held at Villa Rufolo in honour of Wagner.
One of the most important monuments is the Cathedral, founded in 1086.
In Ravello you can visit the must famous Villas: Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone.
Villa Rufolo's today looks come mostly from the arrangement carried out by the Scotsman Neville Reid, who owned the Villa in the second half of the 19th century. But the site is much older, as it is given evidence by the remains from the 13th-14th century period of the building.
Villa Cimbrone stands in a splendid panoramic position, on the top of Ravello hill. Built in 1904 for the English lord Ernest William Beckett, the villa is unusual for its eclectic Liberty style, set in the midst of luxuriant vegetation. Placed on the outermost point of the spur on which Ravello stands, in fact, it offers one of the most famous views in Italy, that sweeps from Atrani to the Paestum plain at Punta Licosa. In the cloister, just on the left of the entrance, there is a bas-relief reproducing the seven deadly sins.
Two days to celebrate San Pantaleone, the patron saint of Ravello. On July 26th the first processions start, the silver bust of the saint is shown and symphony music fills up piazza del Duomo. There's trepidation, everyone waits for the day after when the miracle should occur: the melting of saint Pantaleone's blood. Even if less known than San Gennaro's miracle it is a moving ceremony. The town's population acts as if the town's future depended on the ritual. The blood preserved in a silver cruet, inside the chapel dedicated to the martyr, usually melts early in the morning of the 27 of July. After the religious service a colorful parade starts in the evening, followed by fireworks and concerts to end the celebrations in the beautiful town of ravello. Pantalone was a Christian doctor that was subject to Diocleziano's persecutions in 305. When he was beheaded a woman collected his blood and kept it. In the XI century the cruet reached Ravello by sea after a strong storm just as if the relics had chosen the town as its shelter. From then on there is an indissoluble tie between Ravello and san Pantaleone.

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