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Vietri Sul Mare

Vietri is the first one of the diamonds incastonati along the full of rocks coast that after 37 Km us door on the opposite depositor of Sorrento. Mail to the feet of Monte S. Liberatore (466 mt. s/mm) high " Vietri " occupies with its houses the zone to quota mt. 80. Navy of Vietri, instead, rises on the beach between scogli " the Two Siblings " and the full of rocks coast of Tip of Albori. The citizen, a lot attended from the tourists and equipped of good receptive structures, is famous for the handicraft of the ceramics that to leave from the Middle Ages had one immensest dissemination: the unmistakable objects, in policroma a decorated vetrosa paste with inimitabile fantasy, deriving from the infuence Muslim, were tradet in all Mediterranean, much to hold in feet the vietrese economy also in the ages more buie, when as an example in the 1500's the raids of the Turks were made more frequent and tragic.
" Memory many maioliche on the doors of Vietri, fresh, of a lattiginoso white man, on which to greens or celestial reasons are designed vegetables or floreali. The colors of vietri are those of its ceramics. When many years ago I passed to you, I wanted anch' to order one rivestitura from bath, one freschezza that still today é not come to me to the trouble; me therefore mine is created one Vietri of house. The true Vietri, that laggiù, in the dazzling light of the salernitano gulf, I see again it like in a dream, white woman on the green sea, but one will not be for case species of mirage, evoked these beautifulsttiles...?"(Piero Bargellini)
Ancient snodo between entroterra and the gulf of Salerno, Vietri was founded from the etruschi. In age Roman the existence of the village under the name of Marcina, destroyed from Genserico around the half of V the century is documented. The inhabitants escaped to the massacre sheltered themselves on near mounts and made return to the single coast in the eighth century founding on the ruins of the destroyed city a new center to which they gave the name of Vetere. Subsequently the vietresi had to make forehead to the continuous piratesche raids of the Turkish stabilitisi in close port of Fuenti.

Villas in Vietri Sul Mare

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