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Close by Amalfi, there is Atrani that during the Sea Republic’s time was a residential quarter of the aristocracy and the nobility. So historically Atrani shared Amalfi destiny.

At the Saviour Church (Chiesa del S.S. Salvatore), Republic doges were crowned, while from the Church of the Bans (Chiesa del Bando), on the slopes of Monte Aureo which overlook the built-up area, judgements and town government bans were proclaimed.

Situated around the Tower of the Collegiate Church of Saint Mary Magdalene (Collegiata S.M. Maddalena) , the town has preserved the same ancient structure: houses which are crowded one against the other, lanes, narrow streets and small steps going down to the central square Umberto I.

Tradition tells that in Atrani the famous Masaniello was born. He headed the Neapolitan popular rebellion against Spanish domination in the 17th century.

It is also possible today to visit the house in which the Parthenopean leader lived during his first years.
In this village are preserved ancient tradition. Christmas Eve, for example, is celebrate in a very original way:
at dawn all the people go to the square to have breakfast, with coffee and “cappuccino”, but above all to exchange( and eat) traditional cakes (zeppole, roccocò, mustacciuoli and so on).


Our Italian secret is no longer a secret.

We have had a secret for many years. We have talked about it, but we have never shown it to anybody…

In May 2013 we revealed it to the closest family (16 altogether) in connection with my 70th birthday. We invited the family for a week’s stay in beautiful Atrani together with us.

Atrani is situated south of Naples on the coast of the Mediterranean a stone's throw from Amalfi.

Very few know of the small village. Attrani is the smallest municipality in Italy. The little village in the mountains is a piece of authentic Italy. Here the inhabitants live like they have always done. Small children are born, and old folk die. Here the “piazza” is the meeting place for great and small. Here you find the small shops. Still.

In this little paradise we had hired four old patrician houses right in the heart of Atrani, and among the locals.

The village has been built up two mountainsides divided by a river which is covered by the town’s only street. You go about on stairs. The four houses were situated fairly close to each other. Therefore we could follow the other’s lives and call “Buon giorno” to each other.

I had the feeling that this little paradise was now going to be shown to my family, just like a boyfriend is going to be introduced for the first time…. How would they react? Would they be able to feel that this was “the real thing” just like we felt at our first meeting with dear little Atrani.

And vice versa: the inhabitants (many of whom have become our friends) how would they react to an invasion of 16 people for a whole week?

We must state that the experiment was a great success. Atrani accepted the family, and vice versa. The family got kisses and hugs by small and great. Everybody was positive, even the strict police constable who at one time thought that the game of football in the piazza got a little violent, and he told the boys that the weekly football training had started on the artificial football pitch. Here they were invited to play join in.

The week in May has impressed us all, and since then our children and grandchildren have said:

“Now this was the end of your Italian secret, we’ll return.”

And of course we answer: “You’ll be most welcome, but please take care of the little paradise.”

Henning & Mette Blix.

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