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The company "The other coast s.a.s" with head-office in Amalfi, has been formed by a group of young entrepreneurs with a variety of personal and professional experience, who propose actions in the tourist sector of the Amalfi Coast and throughout the province of Salerno.

The first goal that the group wants achieve is to balance the development of local tourist resources based, on the one hand, on a greater, but above all better exploitation of the internal areas and of all the environmental resources, historical-archaeological, handicrafts and agroindustrial in which the area abounds and, on the other hand, on a general awareness of a more environmental and cultural approach to the Amalfi coast , that goes beyond the simple seaside resort that has made it famous in the world.

To reach these objectives the company offers highly qualified and integrated services of research and planning in the use of the available resources, starting from a sound knowledge and arriving at an immediate programme of the reality and the possibilities offered by the places.

The second phase addresses the problem relating to the promotion and evaluation of specific goods using the modern techniques of information and global communication.
Finally the company looks at services relating on the phase of development, with the ideation of integrated tourist packages, which allow to the tourists of any age and culture to discover the enormous cultural and environmental resources of the Amalfi Coast.

Social Structure:

  • Administrator:
    - Archaeologist Sergio Marino (Salerno)

  • Administrative Secretary/Marketing and PR Manager:
    - Ing. Nicola Anastasio (Ravello)

  • Limited partner:
    - Graduand in Architecture Marco Bignardi (Salerno)
    - Tourist Operator Rossella Mottola (Ravello)
    - Graduand in Gymnastic Ivan Contino (Positano)

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